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Exceptional Quality & Tradition

Hnefatafl: The Viking Game, is one of histories lesser know board games with a rich influence on the British Isles. Such games as the Irish Bran Dubh (Black Raven) and the Scottish Ard Ri (High King) are based on this game. The name Hnefatafl means "King's Table" in Norse and has been played in various forms for over 1,500 years across Northern Europe. There are two ways in which to defeat your opponent: As the attacker (24 pieces) capture the King, or play as the King (assisted by 12 pieces) and escape to one of the four corners. While the came is simple and subtle in its streatgyies, once you start playing you'll be hooked. The box contains 37 resin playing pieces, each piece being 1" high and a printed linen board about 11" square. A rulebook is also included. Suitable for Ages 3 and up (supervised as they are small pieces).

Key Features


  • PLAY ONE OF HISTORY'S GREATEST BOARD GAMES - Hnefatafl, which translates as "King's Table," has been played for more than 1,600 years, far longer than chess.
  • GET HOOKED - Simple but subtle, once you start you can't stop.
  • EASY TO PLAY - Two ways to win: either the attackers (24 soldiers) capture the king, or the king (helped by his 12 soldiers) escapes to one of the corners
  • INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED - Comes with 37 resin playing pieces, each about 1.25" high, and a printed linen board about 11" square. Comes with instructions.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Perfect for that special person in your life who has a love for board games.

Hnefatafl The Viking Game Set

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