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Exceptional Quality & Tradition

A true classic from the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. 100% Wool hand woven Harris Tweed. The jacket is stitched for a perfect double-button fit. Inside are three inner pockets, one with a button for the button and the red "Western Isles' inner lining. On the outside are two waist pockets and a chest pocket with a silk scarf in the same shape as the inner lining. 

In the liner is the certificate from "The Harris Tweed Authority" Certifying That the product meets Their tough requirements. In addition, there is the unique serial number That allows you as the owner of a jacket in Harris Tweed to find out exactly Which Weaver created the wool for your Particular jack. 


Composition: 100% Pure New Wool.


Sku: 1556A

Stranraer Harris Tweed Jacket

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