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At Celtic Clothing our Stornoway team are highland wear specialists, making us a perfect choice to tailor any specialist tartan garments.

Celtic Clothing provide a tailoring service in a range of garments including the Prestigious Highland Kilt, Harris Tweed Jackets & Tartan Trews.


For more information about our bespoke tailored products plesase feel free to contact 

The Kilt


The chance to own an heirloom piece of traditional Scottish heritage created just for you in your choice of tartan. When you come into the store for one of these individual kilts you will be able to chose from hundreds of tartans, in modern, ancient and rare colours woven in Scotland from 100% wool. Each kilt is then hand-cut, stitched and finished to create a bespoke piece which you can treasure for years to come.

We prefer to measure each person in-store however we are always happy to work long-distance and have sent kilts all over the world from America to Australia.


Tartan Trews


The tartan trews (Gàidhlig: triubhas) has humble beginnings as the winter dress of the Highlands with it eventually becoming a unique traditional Scottish fashion. We provide both an online and in store option for made to measure trews with a wide range of tartans to choose from.




For any query you have regarding our Highland Wear services please feel free to contact us.

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